US DOT #  2816651  ● CA # 539128  ● LICENSE # 1007321; C-10 & C-33

As a full-service electrical contractor, our management and employees are trained and experienced in areas that include:

Overhead Distribution

  • Pole replacement
  • System Improvements
  • New construction
  • Voltage conversion

Underground Distribution

  • Trenching underground conduit and cable
  • Conduit installation and maintenance
  • Innerduct placement
  • Manhole installation
  • Controlled environment vault installation
  • Manhole Survey work
  • Directional and non-directional boring

Street Lighting and Traffic Devices

  • Installation and maintenance

Fiber Optics

  • Installation and maintenance

Emergency Restoration from Damage due to:

  • Ice storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods

Renewable Resources
Wind Power / Solar Power

  • Down Turbine Wiring
  • Overhead/Under Ground collector systems
  • Inter connection substations
  • Transmission lines
  • Utility Switch yards

Rental and leasing agreements with vendors complete our ability to furnish equipment for virtually any type of project our customers may request.

We are signatory to labor agreements with I.B.E.W. By utilizing the referral procedures of the local unions, we have opportunities to utilize local area linemen and electricians.

Substation & Transmission

  • New substation construction
  • Substation upgrade
  • Substation maintenance
  • Design, construct, and manage complex transmission line projects
  • Analyze and plan system maintenance and expansion
  • Installation of system protection
  • Maintenance upgrades
  • Line inspection